disability claims

Disability Claims

Disability claims are notorious for being routinely denied on the first or even second round. Some people try many times before finally getting their SSDI benefits approved. Some are lucky enough to be able to do this on their own, while lots of people have to turn to a lawyer for help in filing for disability and winning. So if you are disabled, can your claim be approved? And if so, how easy (or difficult) will it be to get that approval letter?

Disability Claims–They Don’t Make it Easy

First of all, most disability claims are denied because the person filing for disability did not fill out the paperwork correctly, had missing information in the paperwork, or did not file certain paperwork on time. Any of these things can and will result in a denial of SSDI benefits. While the paperwork requirements are pretty straightforward, they are also worded with a lot of legal speak and other medical and technical terms that the average person will have trouble understanding. It’s even been said that some of the paperwork instructions on disability claims are difficult for even people with advanced college degrees to understand properly.

That is why there is a whole branch of law devoted to filing for disability. People actually have to go to school to understand what exactly is required in most cases, and the laws concerning SSDI benefits are always changing. You may need to get a lawyer to get approval based on this one fact alone.

Disability Claims Have to Be Corroborated by Your Doctor

While this may seem obvious, many people ignore this fact and try to apply for SSDI benefits without seeing their doctor first. This will just get you denied right away, as SSDI is going to want medical proof that you are disabled. Once you get your doctor on board, it may still be a struggle, as your doctor will have to fill out certain paperwork and send it in to SSDI by certain deadlines, and doctors are busy people with other patients besides you. You may have to call your doctor continually to remind him or her to fill out and turn in the paperwork by a certain time, so be prepared to be your own advocate with your doctor. He or she may know you are disabled and believe you deserve benefits and need them, but getting him or her to get the disability claims paperwork done and on time can still be a challenge. Don’t let up, as this is your future and your income we’re talking about, so you want to be sure things are done on time and properly.

Disability Claims Denials–Don’t Take Them Personally and Keep Trying

The SSDI benefits system is set up to heavily scrutinize all applications and to look for any reason to deny someone a benefit award. Even though you’ve paid into the system through working for many years, the money is still being held and managed by the federal government, and they’re not going to want to let go of it easily. Initial denials of disability claims are common. In fact, most people who are filing for disability get denied the first time. Don’t take it personally. It’s not that they don’t believe you’re really disabled. They just have rules to follow in approving people and those rules don’t make it easy to get approved the first time (or even second or third in many cases). Keep trying, keep re-applying, get a lawyer if you have to, and eventually, if you are truly disabled and have a work history, your disability claims will probably be approved.

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